Hi reader. It has been a while of silence, at least from my side. How are you doing? I hope you are still learning as you walk with the Lord daily. I’m well, just getting better from a Malaria attack for the last few days. Also, there is some good news of peace in South Sudan, even though fighting is ongoing in some parts of Upper Nile State.

Well, someone said, “Silence means business”. This was true for me. I have been busy trying to separate business and ministry. But, I’m both a business person and a saved sinner by the grace of God. I have created a new site now, known as and the site is so new that Google could not see it yet!

In this new website, I write about Internet Residual Income, sharing real-life stories with the world. God has indeed blessed me with talents that I must put to practice before I leave for home. You might have known some of these talents by now, don’t you? You are welcome to visit the site anytime and post your honest comments and views.

I would love to say thank you to you for reading my posts. You are part of the encouragement. Also, I have deleted the because it is not the time for me to run more than two or three legitimate sites.