New Blogs

Dear valued reader. How are you? I would like to announce the creation of three new blogs. These blogs are meant for posting things to do with business, beside These blogs are all about SFI=Strong Future International. I created these blogs for separate affiliate business from this discipleship press site. Two of these blogs were created on a WordPress platform, built on the siterubix server. The third was created using the Google based Blogger. I still have to learn how to use the blogger better. I was using for the last three years.

So, now you can visit Online Garage Sales, in case you would like to list your own products, services and unwanted stuff for sale. You will have to sign up for E-Commerce Associate (ECA) for free to list your products on The benefit for me, is that whenever your application is approved, I get 100 VersaPoints! I also get 10% of any product you sell in your own online store. I thought it was good for you to know why I created this site. Now you have it!

You can then visit the Internet Residual Income site, to learn more about SFI, and how you can join this business for free. Your work on this affiliate system is to sell products and service to others. Don’t worry if you don’t have your own. You get paid commissions depending on the products you promote.

Finally, you may want to visit the Upper Nile Supermarket, where you can check out the products and services I’m selling right now. Most of these products are e-books or digital books. You can also get other products and services here.

For now, Discipleship Press will be about my journey with God. It will be all about my daily life, which may include new discoveries, if any. I discover new things almost every day! I would like to share these with you. I would love to share with you about my spiritual walk with Jesus. My daily work here is reading and teaching others–theology–Christian life.

For this reason, I’m a disciple of Jesus for life!

What about you?

Thanks for reading as usual.