As we said earlier in the first post (Evangelism–Basic Issues), it is true that evangelism and discipleship go together. We cannot separate the two. Evangelism without discipleship is not evangelism at all! It is like a house with no foundation.

But, what is discipleship? Discipleship is a word used to describe a process of making disciples. This means it involves teaching, training and molding someone into a follower of Jesus Christ.

Just as in evangelism, we cannot teach others to live their Christian lives, if we are not living ours! Living by example is crucial to discipleship. This is also the most difficult part of sharing the Gospel with the world. We need to teach new converts through our words and life as well.

The important thing to teach new believers is their new being–new creatures (2 Corinthians 5:17). They need to know the fact that they are God’s own children (John 1:12-13). They need to know the fact that they have been made right with God (Romans 5:1-2). They need to learn how to live their new lives (Romans 12).

They need to read their own Bibles themselves, at their own time. They need to learn how to pray. Prayer is simply a way we communicate with God. There are no special things reserved for certain people, such as pastors or church leaders about prayer. Anyone can pray to God, and God will answer them according to his own perfect will, at his own perfect time. New believers also need to join the Christian gathering–assembly. This is to help them learn and grow in their new faith. New Christians can also begin to share their faith through words–testimonies, and through their own lives.

To grow spiritually, we need spiritual food:

  • Read Your Bible daily
  • Pray
  • Join Other Believers
  • Share Your Faith with others

Can a saved Christian lose his/her salvation if s/he does not abide according to the Word of God?