It is not every principle that will work with every soul winner! Yet, there are basic ways of sharing our faith with others. As we said earlier, evangelism is sharing the good news of Christ with others. The purpose for this is to win them to Christ. Now, what if the people don’t need Christ?

The fact is, all of us need Christ. It doesn’t matter whether we are Muslims, ATR believers, Hinduism or whatever religious affiliate we are in! We all need Christ. We need a true relationship with God, not religion-ship!

When we share Christ with the world, we use our personal testimonies of how we became believers. What happened to you that made you become a follower of Jesus Christ? You know the answer, right? Well, only if you are a follower already. We also use our current needs, the needs of others, and then current events or topics. These are also known as doors of evangelism.

There are many doors that we can use to share our faith. Jesus used the door of current events after his resurrection. It happened that he was walking with some of the followers, but they did not recognize until he had to reveal himself to them. Others, such as Peter, Philip and others used other doors as well. How do you share your faith with friends?

  • Personal Testimony
  • Current Events
  • Current Topics
  • Your Personal Needs
  • Needs Of Others