In the Old Testament, there were examples of people refusing to do what God said, because of their own reasons–barriers. Moses complained of his tongue, which means he was not the right person to be sent, according to his own view. Jonah had no concern to go to Nineveh, because the people of that city were his natural enemies. Jonah’s problem can be known as lack of concern. Also, Jeremiah complained of being too young to be a prophet.

For this reason, the main barriers to evangelism are, fear (Moses), lack of knowledge (Jeremiah), and lack of concern (Jonah). Yet, there are also many other barriers in the church today. Some Christians think it is not their work to evangelize, since there are groups of people to do this job. We have titles in our churches. It is a belief that only evangelists can do evangelism!

Another thing which is also a barrier is that, when we preach the gospel to people, people have their own excuses. Some think they are holy, and they do not need the Gospel. Some think they are too sinful, that God will not allow them to enter into his kingdom. Our own lives as Christians is another barrier for the message of Christ. If we do not live as Christ did (1 John 2:6), then who will listen to us?

Do you know of any other barriers to evangelism in your area?