Business vs Faith


You may already be wondering about the two. Is Discipleship Press a business site, or a ministry site? The answer is, it is both!

My heart’s desire is to know and follow Jesus Christ. Sorry if I have failed you in most of my posts. Also, I have a talent. I have a gift. I can write, edit and publish my own books. I create book covers and other things needed for the book to be published.

For this reason, I blog about publishing, more than blogging about my faith! As I said above, my heart’s very desire is to learn more about Jesus Christ. I do this daily by reading the Gospel records in the Bible. You do not believe the Bible is God’s own Word? Sorry, I do believe it is, and so do millions of other believers.

I believe Jesus Christ changed my life. He changed my thoughts, which also changed how I act and live with people. Jesus gave me self-awareness and a positive self-esteem. I feel proud of myself most of the time, but he reminds me to be humble. I feel hopeless, but he reminds me to be hopeful, since He alone knows all things. That is why in my other post, I said, I know nothing!

Thanks for reading