The ECA Program

Dear readers. You might have been somehow confused by different conflicting posts. For sure, this ministry is holistic. I post these things as they happen in real-life. And as you may know, there are many different things happening to us, or near us each day. Can we post about everything that is happening around us? The answer is the big NO!

I post about my spiritual and physical walk. I post about how I do things, which may be helping you or not. But I hope these posts are helping you in one way or another. I post about how I write, edit, proofread, publish and market books. You might have been scared already, if you are not ready for this work. It is well with my soul, since I can’t convince anyone on earth to do what I do.

I don’t like football or anything gaming! Even as I do my SFI business, I lose points, if they have anything to do with the play! Even in the village where I was raised, people waste a lot of time, playing home-made games. I better design those things for others to enjoy playing, rather than playing them myself. That is who I am. I have no proper reason why I don’t like playing most games, including football or you call it Sauser. This is not being hopeless. It is being realistic. Yet, I love to share what I do with you. It will take your will to feel like to join me. Please kindly check out my full profile here:
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