Internet Residual Income


The new book titled, Internet Residual Income has just been released unexpectedly! This book simply puts together the experiences I have had on the internet for the last three or so years. Since 29th November, 2012 to date, I have been receiving payments monthly, from different companies! This is what I meant by the Internet Residual Income–IRI.

You don’t just get paid for free! You work by doing what you love. I get paid because I write books that can make some people laugh out loud. Mmm, maybe not. I write books about real-life issues, that are not to impress readers, but simply to express ideas in the situation as it unfolds.

Besides writing books, I do affiliate businesses with Payoneer, SFI and others. I’m also aware that your spam filter may send this post deep in the trash folder, if you are not lucky enough! This is because there are so many internet scams and spams nowadays than ever before. Yet, my aim is to share the news with you. This IRI is free! You can download it in any of your favorite formats. Read it, and start the real income, while in your home. I’m simply sharing a real-life issue with you.

Get the book now at: Internet Residual Income