51 Years!

Fifty-one years of travelling together,
Has marked our knowing one another;
The issues of life have proved our hearts,
While tried and tested in all kinds of weather.
Our journey now takes us nearer Heaven;
The ground we’ve taken calls loud and clear,
To those who follow the tracks we have sown–
We hope they too will find God near.
O may the remainder of life down here,
Assure them that living by faith
Has proven the realness of God.
He makes His ways known to those who wait
For Him to reveal His presence and power.
We know that “life does not consist
In things that we possess;”
Thus did our Savior, teach
To those who sought for values true.
Nor do beliefs that we profess
Bring meaning to our souls unless
We live by every Word of God.
No work of faith shall fade away,
If founded in God’s will.
Nor labor done by love alone,
Will go unnoticed by God’s eye.
That sees us through though come what may.
Such living in this life gives hope,
That purpose can be fully realized.
A life well-lived brings promise of reward;
Not only joy and peace and love,
But live forever with the Lord.
                         –Art Zimmer, August 7, 2015