50 Funny Stories

Dear readers. I have compiled 50 Funny Stories, and the book is scheduled to be released on Amazon as soon as Your Self-Discovery Guide is released. I will sure make you get the link to it. But, before doing this, is it not okay to let you have a taste of what is in the book? Yes! It is more than possible.

Here is one story in this book:


In those early years in South Sudan, people used to make spoons for themselves from different types of things, including the buffalo horns.

One day, a visitor came and asked if he can be given a room, where he can spend the night, as he was planning to proceed for his journey the next day.

As the time came for people to eat, he was invited by the owner of the house in order to eat with him.

The visitor came with his own spoon, made of the buffalo horn.

Then, the visitor dipped that spoon into the plate, only twice and there was nothing left inside for the owner of the house to eat!

Then, the owner of the house wanted to find out what this spoon was made of. “What is your spoon made of?” asking the owner of the house.

The visitor said, “It was made of the buffalo horn!”

And then, the owner of the house asked the visitor the second time, as he was very surprised,

“Can a buffalo kill people, both in the bush, as well as at home?”

And there was evening and the morning, the first day!

Have you enjoyed the taste?