Spamming Readers

Dear readers, how are you all doing? It has been a while without new posts. The reason not to post was not sickness, but an internet issue on my side of the globe. My internet connection has been very weak, and even as I type this post, I’m not sure it will get published as I wanted. I was also busy with the latest book, scheduled to be released officially on the 8th August, 2015. I have just told you about the book recently, I guess.

Now, this post is titled, “Spamming Readers”. This means we are talking about spams in this post. It has been true that most of us as writers might have spammed our readers without knowing! According to the new research, spam can mean different things to different people. Posting about my upcoming book can be considered as spam by others. Asking you to buy my book by providing a link to the book (I have just done this few weeks ago or less) is also another way of spamming!

So, have I sent you spam in the past? Possibly yes, according to the new findings in the Internet Income business world. Posting any content that you don’t want or you never asked for, is also considered as spamming! I would like to ask you to opt-out of the mailing list, if you felt like being spammed. I just love to share with you what I love doing, thinking you may do the same thing.

This is the driving force in my writing career–sharing ideas with the world.

I am sharing ideas, I also read and do research before I could share any other thing with you. I can do this in many ways. My own life story and experience do not need any research work, do they? But, there are many things to share in our ever growing world of technology.

To add more spam in your inbox, I would like to request if you can be able to join me in the new internet income business. The choice is yours to join, or not.

It has taken me a year, before I could become serious with the SFI system of affiliate business. Until few days a ago, I was very idle, even though I joined this ever growing business a year ago.

If you would like to read more about it, use the link below this post.

Once again, you are free to join or not. But, you will never regret if you try reading first. I know. It sounds too good to be true. This was the same thing with me. I thought Payoneer was a fake company, three years ago when I joined them. I even posted that Payoneer was fake, only to change that post later on, when I have proved them to be real.

The same thing goes with the SFI=Strong Future International. If you have any suggestions about the SFI, please do not hesitate to leave me a reply below this post. I have sponsored five people so far and I’m growing up, but no earning yet to be fair and honest. I will let you know when I get my first real payment into my local bank account. I think this will be good to share with you guys, isn’t it?

For now, have a look at my SFI profile by clicking the link below.

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