Your Self-Discovery Guide


First, I must discover myself, before I show you how you can discover yourself. For this reason, Your Self-Discovery Guide is about to be born!

If you can remember, a few weeks ago, I promised to write a book or series of books on fiction. Well, that is a white lie! I’m not a fiction writer. I write real life stories. I write about things that happened to me in the real world. I write the how-to guides about how to use your computer. I write about how to discover the real you. I write about how to write, edit, publish and market your own books, based on my own personal experience.

Second, I have now discovered who I’m – non-fiction writer. I have just compiled a guide on self-discovery. I have also discovered that many other people have written a lot on the topic. Yet, my writings are unique, simply because I am who I am.

This book consists of four main parts: Self-Discovery Head Knowledge, Accepting the real you, Heart Knowledge, and Practicing real knowledge, Hands Knowledge. The final part of the book is the core! What made me discover myself? – Jesus Christ. This is the heart of the book.

Third, as a follower and reader of my posts, you are blessed to be part of this journey. You can now keep your eyes on my Amazon Author Page and wait for the book as it comes! It is scheduled to be released on the 8th, August, 2015. This is less than two weeks to go. This day is also the birthday for my third son named Deng, which means “rain” or just showers of blessings.

Thank you so much for being a blessing to me. I have discovered that, my writings have helped more than 1,200 new writers worldwide! I never thought of this. You are part of it as a reader. What I really beg of you is: please kindly write reviews after reading my books. I also ask you to post comments or questions on any post you have just read on this website.

Stay blessed…