The 4th Anniversary


South Sudan is now 4 years old from birth. It was born out of Sudan, on the 9th July, 2011. The South Sudanese people are celebrating the 4th Anniversary of independence today all over the nation.

But, there are still a lot more to be done! South Sudan needs peace and stability. Recently, the rebels attacked the capital city of the Upper Nile State – Malakal, driving away the government forces. The independence of South Sudan was a promise of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, signed by the SPLM and the NCP in Naivasha, Kenya – 9th, January 2005.

Civil War

South Sudan started its own useless and pointless war on the 15th December, 2013. The war is between the same ruling SPLM political party against itself. There are many stories about what caused this war. Some believe there was a coup started by the then sacked vice President, Dr. Riek Machar. Some say there was nothing like a coup. This war has killed and it is still killing many patriotic South Sudanese, being civilians or militants. We have many IDP camps all over the Greater Upper Nile Region where the war is continuing.


Peace is all we need in South Sudan, so that we can achieve prosperity and development goals. Our youth needs employment, and no employment during war times. The only home for all Greater Upper Nile Region is now Greater Equatorial Region. But, how do we get peace when our leaders and government officials (SPLM/SPLM-IO) are focusing on showing their military powers and hostilities? Try to read my views on The Conflict Management Guide and post your thoughts on that page. You may also like reading the Thinking Bigger and Wiser.

What we should do

As a patriotic South Sudanese, my duty is to teach people about what South Sudan is. I think we need the basic things. These include civic education and making people aware that we are a nation. A nation is not made up of a tribe, but by of many people groups, religious groups, cultures, political parties and many more. I’m here to write my thoughts about what is good for us. Education that changes lives is what we need. And, it is only the knowledge of who we are that will help us deal with our human problems accordingly. This war we are fighting is a political kind of war, but since 16th, December 2013, the war has taken a different identity – Tribal War!

To me, we need to know ourselves as South Sudanese. We need to know our rights as patriotic citizens. We need to know our duties individually.

Why are you in the army? Why are you in the business? Why are you a teacher? What do you want to achieve at the end of your life? What level are you serving in? Do you know your career? Are you doing something now for yourself, your family, your people group, your nation?

It is only the Gospel of Jesus Christ that can make you know who you are, as your Creator knows you. You will be informed and transformed at the end of knowing who you are, as God knows you. It is the Gospel that makes us know that South Sudan is one nation, with many different people groups and languages. All the tribes in South Sudan deserve to be loved and cared for, just as you and I do! It is the Gospel that gives us the right view of ourselves, other people and even the entire creation.

Read the Rhapsody of Realities in your South Sudan Language today!