The Family


We are a family of 5 people by now. I, John, I’m the husband and a father of three kids. Eliza, my dear wife is a wife and a mother to all of us in this family. Our children are, Chol, Sunday and Deng, in their order of birth. Chol is the elder boy followed by Sunday. Deng is the youngest in the family, while I’m the eldest (John). Each one of us has a story to tell.

Me and my wife Elizabeth Ayak, we were born somewhere in 1980s. Chol was born on 28, February, 2004. Sunday was born on 16, October, 2011. Deng was born on 8, August, 2014. I was born in May, 1983. Do I know the exact date? Don’t ask me because I do not know. Chol, Sunday and Deng are lucky enough to have their parents record their birthdays and we do celebrate them as a family each year.

John (Father) – I started my journey in this life in 1983. I was born physically into the family of Maluth and Nyareth. It was in the Dhuording Village near Nasir Town in Upper Nile State, South Sudan. I then began my educational journey in 1991. I’m now a postgraduate with South African Theological Seminary. I graduated with a Bachelor of Theology with SATS in April, 2012. I’m the writer and the maker of this website. I’m also the founder and the first CEO of Discipleship Press.

Ayak Sweeping

Eliza (Mother) – Elizabeth is younger than me. She was born somewhere in 1988 or 1989. She was born in Korow Village near Abwong Town in Upper Nile State of South Sudan. She started her educational journey in 1996 in Arabic. But, she could not finish the Primary education because they were forced to become Muslims. Eliza and many others stopped attending the Arabic school because they never wanted to be Muslims. She is now a house manager and caretaker of our home and kids when I am busy with my office work.


Chol (Son) – Chol was born in 2004 in the Malakal Town of Upper Nile. He has started going to school at Emmanuel Christian Academy (ECA) here in Goli, Yei River County, South Sudan. He finished his nursery school and moved on to his Primary 1 (P1) in 2014. He is now studying at Mahad Primary School on Yei-Juba Road, just after Yei Kare Bridge.


Sunday (Daughter) – Sunday was born on 16, October, 2011. She was about to attend the nursery school at the beginning of 2015 at ECA, but due to the change of the location of my family, she could not. She will attend any of the good schools in Yei at the beginning of 2016. She is a quite and thoughtful girl in the family. She talks little, but listens more.


Deng (Youngest Son) – Deng was born in Yei-Harvesters on 8, August, 2014. He is now nine months old, almost going for his measles vaccination! He is still learning how to crawl and move while sitting on his mat. Deng knows his father’s voice even on a telephone. He cries wanting to take the phone from the mother when father calls each day.

The family of four (mother and kids) are now staying in Yei Town minus the father. Father visits them every weekend and leaves them at the same time. I go to see them on every Friday, and I also leave them for my workplace every Sunday evening. Of course, our African Families are not limited to a husband, wife and children. We are a community based people. I need others and others need me in Africa.