eBook Updating

As you may recall, I have been working on the Nuer New Testament Commentary Part II. It is the Part II commentary written by Don Fleming, published by Bridgeway: A running explanation of the biblical text for the people of today’s world.

This task is now completed successfully. Thanks to all of you who have been involved in this work indirectly. Some of you have been praying with me in order for this work to be completed successfully. Thank you very much.

Now, after completing this work of translation, I have resumed my daily routine. Remember? It is all about updating the published books. It seems to be a job that is having no end at all! This is what you need to know as an indie author. Not only that books may still have some typos and real spelling and grammar issues, but because books are also getting outdated as soon as they are published!

Have you ever thought of adding or removing something out of your great book? I do. I also think of adding something new to the book. It may not be a new whole chapter, but at least something to keep the book up to date. People like me, writing about computer should update their books almost every month.

Why updating? We need to update to improve the books so that readers will always be on the cutting edge of technology. Terminologies can change quickly and we must update our readers all the time. For example, the Windows Explorer feature in Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows OS is now called “File Explorer” in Windows 8! Programs are now referred to as “Apps” and sooooo on.

I have started updating my books on Smashword.com and I will proceed to Kindle Direct Publishing after finishing here. I have discovered that:

  • Readers were asked to click links with no linkage at all!
  • Readers were referred to books that were not even written yet!
  • There were problems with the table of contents!
  • There still some minor spelling and grammar issues not fixed!

I discovered all these issues mentioned above and others when I began to read my own books on my Samsung Mobile device also known as the Samsung Galaxy Tab2.0. My advice to you if you are an indie author is that, you have to try reading your books on the devices you intended people to read them on. You may find possible issues as I did.

Thanks for reading my books and my posts. For now, I can see more than 70 visitors to my site are all from the USA. I only had 4 visitors so far from South Sudan. Kindly share these ideas with others if you like them. They will thank you for that.