Life Is A Journey

As you might have noticed in my recent posts, it is clear that life is a journey. It starts from the time we were conceived, to the last breath we can ever breathe out. It is a journey full of all kinds of pitfalls and troubles. But, we must go through life on earth no matter whether we like it or not. Anything born, must also die. Is this a fact or faith? Judge it by your own reasoning.

In our daily walk, either with self, or with God, we see different things happening. We speak, and we also listen to others as they speak. We see things happening to us or just around us. We get involved in many kinds of activities in different ways. None of us seems to know what tomorrow holds. I do not know whether this will be my last post or second last! This is what life is, not what it is all about.

We feel happy. We feel joy and gladness. But, suddenly, we also feel disappointed and regret. We do this many times. Feelings come and go! There are no permanent feelings ever. We can feel angry, rejected, mistreated, ignored, embarrassed, lost, etc. But, remember, these are all feelings. Do not rely on any of them. They come and they keep going away from you. They leave you as they came.

Just remember this: In all things that happens under heaven, there is a purpose!