South Sudan Tales

This is going to be my writing series, containing short and laughable stories collected from life experience. I have been writing real life stories with nothing funny in them (2002-2014). But, I’m now changing from that direction to a different one. The plan is, I will start this project before or just at the end of 2015. This will all depend on the resources and the daily activities.

As I’m almost done with the translation of Nuer New Testament Bible Commentary II, the next thing I will be working on is office work and writing.

I will let you all know when the writing of the first book in the series begins.

The books within the series are:

  • The Fox’s Tales
  • The Old Man’s Tales
  • Gatluak Manguel’s Tales
  • The Carnivore’s Tales
  • Mac’s Funny Stories
  • Puok’s Funny Stories