My Tab For Reading

The Reading App

Dear readers. Here is another message from DP. I hope this is not too much of the week. I know what it means to be send too many things in a week! I have unsubscribed to many sites because they ended up flooding my inbox with things I may not necessarily need. I hope I’m not doing the same.

Today, I just would like to announce the happiness I’m experiencing. A few weeks ago on my Profile, I answered an interview question. The question was about my favorite App or Device for reading  books. You already know that today, books are not in one format. There are thousands of e-books available online. Some of these books are mine.

My answer to the above questions was “Kindle”. But, I use the Kindle for PC App, not a Kindle on a Tab or isomething! Yes, I have got mine just three days ago after posting. What did I do before getting the Tab? I prayed for it. I did not even know that within our college, one person owned a Tablet known as Samsung Galaxy. I can now read my favorite books, including mine, right on my Tab. No more reading while lying down face up, with my Samsung PC right on my tummy!

Thanks God for the answer to my prayer. I purchased the Tab for $300.00. I just love it! I it bought ONLY for reading books. I must be a reader or I will stop writing more books after writing and publishing over 20 books and articles altogether from 2012 to date.

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