What I am Doing Now


Dear Readers. How are you all doing? I know we all have something to do despite our age and qualifications. I just wanted to share with you about what I have been doing these days. The reason to share this with you is simple. I just want you to know where I live and the situation that is facing me. You may surely learn something from my life stories over here.

Well, here you are!

Last Thursday, Friday and Sunday, (14th – 17th May, 2015), I was in Yei Town. But, I was not idle there. I was doing something. I was doing a translation of Nuer New Testament Bible Commentary. I have posted something like this before regarding this project. The Bible Commentary was written by Don Fleming.

During that time, I was also disturbed by the ringing phone from my table. People were calling me and ask if I know anything about what was going on in Upper Nile State, South Sudan. I did not know the answer to the questions until someone unfolded the news. Malakal, the State capital of my state, was under attack by the SPLM-IO army. You can read the full story at http://www.sudantribune.com

South Sudan is back to a full scale war with itself!

Then, I came back to my work place. I have just signed a new contract for one full year (2015).

But, I have other things to do beside my daily job of teaching theological courses at ECC (www.eccollegess.org). I have to be updating my existing books for at least the coming half of this year. If I cannot finish updating all my books in July, 2015, then I will not think of writing a new book.

If I finish updating my books (a daily routine of editing, proofreading, re-designing etc.), then I will be writing a series of books on what I call “South Sudan Tales Series“.

Right now, I’m busy with the translations of the Nuer Bible Commentary Part II, which will get done at the end of this month God willing. Then, I will concentrate on preparing course modules for the college as well as updating my books.

No time for writing a new title! Just take your time and read more books here: http://www.discipleshippress.com/store

Stay blessed