Starting Again!


I think my RAM is getting smaller compared to my speed. Five years now with computers, I can type 5 times faster than before! Also, Windows may not be the right OS for me these days. Malware is being designed to attack PCs running Windows as their Operating System Software. For this reason, my PC was performing very slowly even before the Malware got into it about a week ago.

Yesterday night, I decided to re-install my Windows. The installation was successful. But, I have to start over again, re-installing not only Windows, but all my other important software. My important tools are: Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, PDF Converter, Antivirus, Google Chrome, Keyman Desktop, Ginger Software, IObit Driver Booster, COED11 (Concise Oxford English Dictionary 11th Edition), and others.

Some of these tools will take me a week to install because they need a very strong Internet connections. I mean, Ginger and others. My Internet speed here in unbelievably slow.

First, I must update my network drivers with IObit Driver Booster before I expect a faster connections!

Oh! I also forgot about drivers. It took me about two hours last night re-installing the Intel Graphic Drivers, Atheros Wireless Drivers, Intel LAN Drivers, Sound Card Drivers and many other important drivers. I need them all or else, my system will not work or look as usual. I’m not sure if I will need any drivers if I change from Windows to Ubuntu in the near future, should my system get infected again by something.

This post is a warning for those using Microsoft Windows as myself. It would have cost me about $200.00 (900.00 SSP) for now if I have no knowledge of what to do when the system goes slower. I have re-installed Windows three (3) times now and the common reason for this is SLOWNESS.

I’m not scaring you, but if you have been using Windows OS for a while, you know what it is. I have written few guides about Windows and one of these was rated five (5) star on

Below are some guides in case you are interested to have a look.