Payoneer’s $25.00

Earn with Payoneer

Dear valued readers. I just feel like to write another line concerning this great company. The company is great for people like me, living outside the West. I mean, the USA, Europe, Australia and other places on earth where civilization is somewhere ahead of South Sudan. Well, all those places are not heaven! Civilization also comes with its own troubles, I believe.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a company that gives a card known as Payoneer MasterCard. I own this card from 2012 to date. It is the one I use to receive payments for my online business. I use it to order the print copies of my books from USA to South Sudan. I use the card for many different things. In case you would like to have one, here you go –> Payoneer MasterCard.


After getting the card, you will be able to use it for a business of its own! Payoneer will generate a link for you to send to people who need it. This link I have given you is mine. If you sign up for the card using it, both of us will be paid by Payoneer with $25.00 each. You will have to be paid off about a $100.00 before we both get the promotion fee by the way!


This is one of the legitimate online businesses I have tested. It works fine with me. Do you want to know how much I have made already with this company? Well, maybe not now! To be honest, I have made over $300.00 with Payoneer MasterCard as a stand-alone business on top of my freelancing and indie authoring home-busy-ness. Therefore, I would like to recommend them to my valued reader – YOU. You can use the card for many other things as well.

If you know people who live outside the USA like me, you can give them your own personal link and they will appreciate your kindness. I think not all people need this card anyway. I need it because it is the only service that works for me here in South Sudan. For more information about this Card, kindly check out the little book I wrote about it —- The Payoneer MasterCard.