Preaching The Truth


It was yesterday, Sunday, 3rd May, 2015. Since the crisis started here in South Sudan back in December, 2013, the then called the Presbyterian Church for the Nuer Congregation has been renamed. I was the second preacher at that church back in August, 2014. The church is now in use by many different denominations coming from the Greater Upper Nile states (Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile).

This Sunday, it was Rev. David Awan Malek preaching. His message was based on the history of Israel. He took his readings from Daniel 3:1-30. It was the story of the three young Israelite men who could not worship the idol built by the king. Because of their faith in God, the men were literally thrown into a burning furnace.

But, their God helped them miraculously!

His application of the message was direct and clear. We are in war in South Sudan simply because many of us rebel against the knowledge of the only true God. No doubt most fighters are being led by spirit filled folks. These guys are full of the power of Satan and they lead young men to death every year, being cattle raiding or simply a tribal conflict. Lack of education in general is the worst enemy of the South Sudan people.

The preacher went ahead and warned his people of the coming judgement, should we continue to worship our different kinds of idols even here in Yei. It seems many people were excited to hear him, but, did they get the points? I have recorded everything from introduction to conclusion in both video and audio. The speaker was speaking in Dinka. The message was clear to me personally. It was a message from God. This is how the true prophets were known from the false prophets in the Old Testament times. Any prophet that speaks of good things when there is evil going on is not of God.

But, are Christians prophets? Of course, yes. We proclaim the message from God. This message is found in the Bible. It is clear that when God’s people turn away from the truth, they are punished for it. Throughout the Bible, God seems to hate idolatry more than any other sin. I’m praying and seeking God’s perfect will for South Sudan.

Do pastors feel good when people die? The answer is NO. That is why we cry and weep. That is why warn people of the coming judgement. If only people could listen and turn to God, these things would have not happened.

You don’t believe in God, sin and evil? That’s your own view, my reader. I hope you are well and living. Whether we believe in evil or not, we can see it in action. Our world is the proof of sin’s existence. There seems to be no Good News elsewhere except that of Jesus Christ our Lord – John 3:16.

Would you join me in prayer for South Sudan? You might have been doing this already. Thanks for your concerns. May God richly bless and keep you.