Weekend – 1st – 3rd May, 2015


It was my fourth time to come to Yei Town. This happens every weekend. I have to visit the Across office to continue with the work I had started. It is a translation of the Nuer New Testament, Part II. Today, Saturday, 2nd May, 2015, I started working from 10:30 AM. Then around 12:30 PM, the main power source for the whole town went off! This was because the fuel is low.
There was a break for about three hours. At 1:30 PM, I then went for lunch just across the road from the office. Rhys and Rhondda Hall, the people in charge of the Radio Project (Spirit FM), assisted me as usual. They gave me their office in order for me to do the translation work. They also need your prayers due to a problem in the Radio Project.

The problem is that, the money for the project were sent to them in South Sudanese Pounds, and this may surely bring some kind of a problem to the project. This is the day for Halls to be indoors, praying and fasting for the issue. The bank (KCB) could not reverse the money back to the sender, making the issue difficult for Rhys and his dear wife.

At 3:10 PM, the power came back. It came back even before I could finish typing this line of text! Soon, I will resume the translation. Please pray for wisdom and understanding. I can tell you, this is one of the most tedious works on earth! I mean, the translation work. I have just finished the Acts of the apostles. I’m now working on the Post-Acts Period. Pray also for my health. Pray for my family.
They are missing me even when I’m in town due to this project. I have no enough time to spend with my wife Eliza and kids.

Last week, my son Deng got sick of Pneumonia and the Amoebic Dysentery. God is great. He was treated and he is getting much better now.

Pray also for my plans to start working with the Samaritans Purse in Unity State, South Sudan. My main focus is to build on what others have started earlier. I want to move on and improve our literacy in our local languages. Education in our languages is the key to most problems in the nation of South Sudan. God bless you all as you continue to serve him.

I then went out from the office and I noticed some mangoes up in the mango tree. But the fruits were very far from the ground! I have to use a very long stick to get one. I ended up getting the green one because it was in reach. You can see the photo of it above in this post. I have to eat it that way since I needed it badly!

It was raining as I came from Yei to Goli, 20 miles, Maridi Road.