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I was reading two short stories last night. I have read these books before. I would like to share these with you. I cannot remember whether these books are available for free or for a fee at

Did you know?

There are over 50,000 free titles on

More are being added daily! I have most of my books there for free.

But, who is reading them? I have some issues as a writer. (1) I’m and African. I express myself using African way of speech, which is not understandable to my audience in Europe or America. Then, the medium I use is not accessible to African readers. I’m just thinking. I may have more readers in Africa, but I just have no idea they are from here. (2) How to read books is another issue. Readers are not all knowing the how-to of todays world.

Today, you can have a mobile library, sitting in your reading device or somewhere on a server, you will possibly never seen in your lifetime.

How can I read a book digitally?

On, you can read a book online using the “Online Reader” link under the book page.

Here is what I have learned last night from the two short story books:

1. Butterflies – by Joy Bassetti-Kruger

The characters are – Gemma (Jemma), butterflies, Ian, and the medical people. Gemma, the girl made a mistake in her life for the first time. She spent a night with a stranger and at the end, she felt she was pregnant! She also needed a good job. But the job prerequisite was she will have to be without pregnancy for the next five years. And, she was worried, knowing she is already pregnant by that time.

But, she was not pregnant, according to the doctor. She was infected with an STI (not mentioned, which one). She was told to look for the guy who infected her. But, she hardly remembered his name, except she went over to her, that crazy night. She thought that guy might have added something into her drink!

But, Gemma was helped to find the man. The man seemed to be working where Gemma wanted to have her new job. Ladies teamed up, and then Ian was fired. He was known to be doing this to women in hotels nearby. Gemma ended up fresh and the story ends with her taking coffee and ordering her best choice of lunch.

2. Ants – by David Nye

This is a very short story. Its main characters are: Ants, Dan, Sara, Sara’s ex, and Dan’s father. Dan and Sara were good friends. They seem to be stranded somewhere in the forest by the roadside as they wait for Dan’s father to pass by. Dan’s eye caught up with the moving ants under the tall trees. One of the ants got into his shoe a bit his toe. Yep, he killed it! Dan’s father was not coming in as expected. But, an ex boyfriend to his girl Sara came along with his car, a gift from his father.

Later, Dan’s father came and he gave Dan the Jeep. Dan and his Sara were riding home. But the story ended badly! The ex boyfriend called Sara. She cut him off the phone while smiling, looking at the new friend’s face. Dan overran and made an accident. Sara was there lying dead because the Jeep turned upside down!

Dan wished she was taken by the other vehicles that came along.

Have you ever read these stories before?

Have a nice day…