Sharing or Selling?


Sometimes, I just wonder why I have 0 (zero) sales report for a month or so on Smashwords. Sometimes, this happens on my Kindle Direct Publishing than it is on Smashwords!

I puzzled for a while.

Oh! I remember. I write to share, not to sell ideas. But, I also need some tea. I need a bar of soap for washing my body or my clothings. I need a little gift for my dear wife, Eliza. I need some money to compensate the time and efforts used to create the book. It takes me time to think and write the ideas in that book. It takes my creativity to create a cover page. It takes me more time to format according to the prerequisites of Smashwords before the book is up for readers to read.

But, all these efforts are part of who I AM, not money seeking! I do write not because I have nothing else to do. I write because I want to share it all with someone somewhere on earth. I write because I know there is someone who wants to hear this story. I do write real-life stories, most are my own. These are events in my life, not created – fiction.

Are my books too expensive to buy? I don’t know the answer. Is the publicity the problem? Maybe this is right. That is why I’m getting more readers by creating this wonderful platform. Yet, I must keep my area of service – sharing not selling. I must build this community of readers. You can only buy something if it worth your money. I do buy books, but I must buy the time to read them as well. Sometimes, I sleep late (3.00 AM). Why? Because I’m reading a book. One challenge with me is that, I have no reading tool for e-books! Would you send me one? I will appreciate. I cannot ship the Kindle Tool to Africa. I cannot find them even in Nairobi 🙂

Back to the point.

I write because I want to share. Share what? you may ask. Share my knowledge. I know something you don’t actually know. I was surprised to hear someone asking with amazement about the USB – Universal Serial Bus. I thought he knew until he told me he didn’t know what it means up to the time he read my little computer guide, the Windows 7 For Beginners. I write because I want to share my experiences in life. I learn and discover new things almost every week if not every day!

I write because I want to share it all with you. It is up to the reader to buy a book if it worth the money!