A Daily Routine?


Hi, it is an unending job to do! I have been writing on papers since 2002. I have just learned how to use a machine called computer in 2010. I have written altogether about 20 books and articles since 2012.

Have you ever discovered those books and articles out there?

If you have been a follower and possibly a serious reader of this site, you have already discovered most of my common mistakes. I do still have many spelling errors, even in the published books. For this reason, editing has become a daily routine for me since 2014.

I mostly exchange words with similar sound even if they have different spelling in English. Also, I have a problem with English because it is my third language. I always write fine when I mean find. I also write new instead of knew. I have a big problem with articles such as, a, an, and the.

Well, even the prepositions are still troublesome to be distinguished. I use to when it supposed to be in or something like that.

After finishing with my teachings last week, I’m now busy with the editing work. I am not only editing books and articles, but my website as well. I have been organizing things around since yesterday. I love putting posts under the right categories. I have just learned how to do this on WordPress.com about two days ago.

I seem to find possible spelling errors almost in every book published. Of course I do self-edit all my books and articles! I have no committed friends to help me on the way. Most of my friends read only for academic purposes, so I cannot blame them of not reading my work.

Would you be my editor? I will reward you with a little gift if you can voluntarily help me find and fix possible errors.

I have been updating the old posts on this website. Please, if you are missing your favorite post, it might have been deleted or moved to the right place. But you will always get posts in their right page – Blog. Click this page next to About Page and you will have all the posts in a long list downwards to the bottom.

I also update the contents of each post in case there are needs of change. I love to give you something up to date since our world is ever growing and changing. I’m also a reader like you. I write and also read other people’s works.

Last night, I was blessed by reading a book about the editing list under the Edit page above. I have learned everything in the book before reading it. Yet, I have seen something I never paid attention to before even though I knew about it. It is about making my book cover image sizes to exactly 1600 x 2400px as Smashwords recommends. For this reason, I have to update all published e-book covers on Smashwords today!

Kindly help me improve my website, articles and books by making positive comments about them whenever you can.

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See you again when there is something to post. I hope not to post many things within this week.