Fighting Malware


Malware Updates!

Dear readers. Have you ever heard of malware? Well, if you are using Windows Operating systems, you might have heard of it. You might have been attacked by one at least once. You might have not noticed the attack for whatever reasons.

I really wanted to write a post about my life two days ago, but it never happened as planned.

Why? Because I was in trouble. I received an email message from someone I never knew. This message was taken into my Spam folder immediately. But, I opened it accidentally. Yep! They got me.

Later, my IObit Malware Fighter was turned off. My computer began to slow down considerably! A few minutes later, I received a notice from my bank, asking me if I have made any transactions using my credit card. I then logged in to my account and found three unauthorized transactions! I immediately notified my bank to cancel or block the card immediately!

Then, I began working on my computer. My IMF could not find anything. I then tried the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. It immediately found three possible threats and deleted them at my request. Then, I purchased a full version of MWB this morning. It has done the full scan and got nothing. But, it asked me to repeat the scan after a system re-start.

Based on this fact, malware is real. It is dangerous for any person surfing the internet. Please use a trusted anti-everything on your PC even though none of them is perfect. I have no idea if these frauds can happen if one is using Ubuntu or Linux.

On Windows PCs make sure you, check your computer’s status to stay secured.


  • Do not open emails in the Spam folder!
  • Do not open an email if you do not know the sender!
  • Do not open a message if it sounds suspicious even if you know it is from Discipleship Press!
  • Update your Windows OS!
  • Update your anti-virus!
  • Visit websites you trust!
  • Try Malwarebytes if you think you are infected.