Weekend Greetings


Greetings to all of you, my dear friends. How are you? I just want to share with you something little about my weekend this week. I work some few miles away from my family! I do visit them on every Friday evening each week. I have just reported back to my workplace from town and I feel like to share the journey with you.

My wife Eliza and my kids are greeting all of you. She knows I have many great friends, both online and offline.

We all have some kinds of troubles! I think you agree with that statement. Don’t even ask me to be President Obama, simply because he has his own unique troubles. I have mine too. You have yours.

But, what can we do with our troubles? We try all our best to improve our lives. We eat when hungry. We bathe when needed. We swallow some few things when we need to. I just want to go out of here and swallow some pills. Not for Malaria, no. I hate that Latin word or whatever it was. It seems to mean bad air from Mal (Bad) and Aria (Air).

I have got some Amoeba parasites in my guts. I would like to poison them with Metronidazole. Uh! Big word, isn’t it? I can remember how my medical doctor struggled to pronounce such a word! I know this will make those parasites feel happy, will they? They will be in trouble, of course.

Anyway, that is life. I will be well for my classes tomorrow morning. I’m teaching Academic Orientation to our 2nd year diploma class in Theology, at Emmanuel Christian College (www.eccollegess.org) here in Yei, South Sudan.

My weekend went very well. Oh, I missed the wonderful Sunday services today! It was because I have to solve some family issues that always wait for my coming every weekend. I have to exchange some money and buy some few things before looking for my means of coming back to the workplace.

Our roads are getting crazy! Pray that we stop war in South Sudan and build the roads we desperately need.

Once again, we all have troubles. But we must face them anyway. This is how life has been from the time our first parents sinned against God. We do not need to believe this. We can prove in through life itself.

We fight and kill each other as humans when we are supposed to care, not only for other humans, but for the foxes and all creatures around. I love my lizards, geckos and many other creatures around me. They seem to understand my gestures anyway.

Have a blessed weekend as you accept greetings from my family.