The Fox


The Fox

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The Fox is going to be my first fiction book ever.

When I was 6, I kept dogs until the time came for me to go to school. I then used to travel a lot from place to place. For this reason, I was derived by having my best friends, the pets.

But, as a farmer, I also befriended other dog-like creatures. People call them foxes, not folks!

I meet these new friends in the fields where I normally go for digging and plant maize and other seeds.

In this fiction, I’m going to narrate how to become a good friend to a wild guy like a fox. This is not just a story, please. It happened!

I’m a good friend to foxes in the bush. They seem to be waiting for the time when I’m going to be there. Then, they come! They do not come so close to me as dogs do, but they come to the field anyway.

I tried to tame them. They responded positively. They really like seeing a human being that doesn’t throw anything at them.

Rather, I talk to them in my human language. Do they understand me? Somehow, yes!

They seem to be smiling when I try to speak their animal language with some signs. They also seem to understand me.

But, what is more important to them is, I do not disturb them like other human beings do. This is the language they understand better.

As the follower of this blog, you will be the first to read this book before it is released. And, please, help me correct and perfect it during this time.

The contents are:

  • The Fox
  • Friendship
  • The Thinking Fox
  • Behaviors
  • Human Psychology
  • God’s Intention

What do you think about the book? Is it fiction or a real story book? Post your comments below. Thanks and have a blessed weekend.

See you on Monday, 20th April 2015