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Welcome to my Indie Author’s page. My name is John Monyjok Maluth (John Wicyual Tut Lew). I am the founder and the first CEO of Discipleship Press. I was born in Dhuording Village near Nasir Town. This is in the eastern part of the Upper Nile State of South Sudan. For more information about me, click my Smashwords Profile. You can also check out my Amazon’s Profile.

I really want to see South Sudan transformed! For me to see such a vision coming to reality, I have to do some little things I consider very important.

One important thing is “Education”. Education is a key to transformation in all areas of life. I believe that, if all South Sudanese people read good books, they will be transformed individually, thus, the transformation of the nation as a whole.

Transformation in all areas of life results in positive thinking leading to positive actions. We ‘behave’ what we ‘believe!’ I believe there are many other authors in South Sudan with great messages for our people everywhere on earth. I have many unbelievable stories to share with the world. You can read some of these stories by clicking here.

Here are the two main issues in South Sudan. We fight and kill ourselves because:

  • We lack faith in God!
  • We lack proper education!

What are we going to benefit from our great ideas if we pass on before sharing them with the world? This is the driving force behind my hard work of writing, editing, publishing, and marketing. I will have a physical bookstore in Yei Town, South Sudan. Some people think and tell me that, the book business is not really a right thing to do in South Sudan. I agree. But, my writing is not to make money. It is to preach peace, and help others who need my help before I leave for home.

We need to think bigger and wiser as South Sudanese people. We can only think positively about our nation after being exposed to the truth. Jesus said, he is the way, the truth and the life. The truth here is that, even though South Sudan is made up of over 64 different ethnic groups with different cultures, religions, worldviews,  and languages, we are but one nation. We are known as the Republic of South Sudan.

This is the message I bring to our fellow South Sudanese everywhere on earth. We must preach unity and peace in South Sudan and you are free to contact me if you have an article for publication. I publish your free post and articles for free. I also teach you how you can do this by yourself right on this website.


Publishing Challenge

Discipleship Press as a website was created on March 12th 2012. The reason to create this Indie Author’s site is simply to help you learn how to publish your own books. If you cannot publish and print your books yourself, I can avail and help you. This site is all about the Indie Author’s journey. I penned down my first book titled “The Scarification: The Facial Scarification in South Sudan” in 2012. But, to publish it was a challenge. At that time, there were many traditional publishers in Kenya. However, I could not afford them. I also had no money to ante up for publishing.

As the result, I tried to publish the book myself. I have narrated this process in the book titled, “The Author’s Experience“. After I successfully published my book on Amazon and CreateSpace, another challenge was at hand.

Payment Challenge

The other new challenge was about how to get paid when someone buys my book. In South Sudan, there were no banks that issue a Visa Card or MasterCard. The payment solution I set up for my business was Payoneer MasterCard. With Payoneer MasterCard, I get paid by Amazon and CreateSpace whenever someone orders my book.

You can do the same thing yourself, especially if you live outside the Western World where such services are limited. My history states you can publish your own books. If I can, why not you? Today, Discipleship Press publishes books by other writers from different countries. New services are coming up and new solutions are here. You can get started today.

Please look into The Publisher’s Guide for more details.

Achievements from 2012 – 2014

I have already achieved many great goals since the birthday of Discipleship Press. I have published my own books. I published books by other authors from different countries such as Kenya, USA, South Africa and South Sudan. I have been printing books from USA and ship them to Africa. I have paid bills online, including the maintenance of this website. I have made a little donation to the programs I think need my contribution. By God’s grace, I will do a lot more in South Sudan in the near future.

Goals achieved in 2012

  1. Writing, editing and proofreading of textbooks
  2. Online Book Publishing – digital and print books
  3. Payment Solution – Payoneer MasterCard
  4. Book Ordering from US to South Sudan
  5. Creation of

Goals achieved in 2013

  1. Local Book Printing and selling.
  2. Full registration of the domain on 28th February 2014 at 19:14 PM.
  3. Publishing books by other authors.
  4. Creation of social networks.
  5. Creation of business cards.

Goals achieved in 2014

  1. Facebook ads sponsored – South Sudan as the target nation.
  2. Announcements over local radio station (soon).

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Mission Statement: We exist to help you write, edit, publish, and distribute your books to the right audience for the transformation of South Sudan through positive thinking which leads to positive actions.