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How can I write a book?

Welcome to the writing page. Writing is a job for those who love it. There is no doubt that we write for different reasons. I personally write books just to share the information I have with you and other people on earth. It is my belief that if I don’t write down what I know, time will come for me to die one day. What will I gain from dying with my knowledge? This, indeed, is the driving force behind my writing career. You have your own reasons to write. Some people write books because they can sell them. Some write books because it is their hobby to write even if they have no clear purpose for writing. But this guide will discuss my thoughts about writing in this modern world. Writing has a very long history. There have been many different tools invented so far for writing purposes.

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This guide will change your philosophy about writing. It will encourage you to begin writing your book now! If you need some more tips about writing, you can find more on The Author’s Experience. This is another free book written with a new indie author in mind. But, for a quick look, check out some of the common thoughts about writing below.

Book Writing Tips

#1. Write For A Good Reason

This means, you write because you know why you are writing books. We cannot write books with one purpose. You have your own reasons for writing. I have mine! But, the advice here is that, do not write books because they will make money for you! Write for a better reason. I write because I think my ideas will help others like you. I write because I want to share my knowledge with the world around me before I depart.

#2. Write With Passion!

I mean, write with zeal! If you know you are writing books, you also know the importance of your writings. As I said, you have to have a good reason for writing books. Money is good, but it must not be your priority! Write with love and passion because you know that your book will help someone solve a problem. Even fiction books must be written with passion. Your passion will also help the reader read with passion!

#3. Know Your Area!

As you write books, you have to know where your books fall in the pool of millions of books out there. I mean, know the genre of your book! You must know your topic. You have to organize your discussions very logically and make your point precise enough for the readers to understand. The writing type you have chosen will guide how you write the book.

#4. Know Your Audience!

Who is going to read your book? Have the reader in mind even before you think of your new book! When you know your readers, you will also think like them. Before I composed this book, I first knew that there are new indie authors who will need some of my experience. I have gone through challenges. But I overcame many of them by now. My experience can help the new indie authors in many ways. I write technical books (Computer Guides). I write about my life experiences (Journey). I also write about my publishing experience (The Author’s Experience). I had you in mind before I began writing. Are my books, helping you in any way? I have no idea!

#5. Choose Your Tools

In our time and age, we use many tools for writing. The tools you choose depends on your device. I write with Microsoft Word because I use a PC computer. I have no idea if Word can run well on Apple Products (iPhone, iPod, iPad etc.). There are many word processing tools out there. The famous ones are the Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. I have issues using the later. Most authors suggest you write your work on a paper not on a computer. I find this to be difficult. I began writing on papers back in 2002. But, when computers came, I find it hard to write on papers. I use the computer all the time. Find out what works well for you.

#6. Set a Time to Finish a Draft

Set a time in which you would like to have a draft copy of your book in your hands. This tip applies to both print and digital books. If your book is a digital book, or you are planning to publish it as a digital book, you will still need to set a time to complete the first draft too. This goal will guide you. It will help you write what you need to write in order to achieve this goal on time.

#7. Set a Time to Finish the Final Copy

The other thing that will help to guide you is setting a time to finish the final copy of your book. Without this plan, many people start writing and end up not finishing what they have started. You can still edit or add something to your book later on. With today’s technology, you are in control of your book. You can add things to it at any time if needed. Plan well and make sure you set a time to finish the final copy of your book in both editions. The time length will depend on how big your book is going to be. You better respect and follow your timetable as well!

#8. Publishing Your Work

Writing your book is not the end! After writing, think of how to publish your work. Is it going to be in a digital format or in print or both? Which platforms are you going to use for the publication of your book or books? Choosing a platform to use is one great decision you can ever make in this business. There are so many platforms and many are coming up. Check out the Publishing page above for more information about how to choose a platform for publishing your book.

#9. Marketing Your Work

As you might have read about somewhere, marketing your book is wider than selling it! You better think of the ways to tell people about your book even before you release a copy. If you have friends that you trust, tell them about the book and let them review if they can. This will depend on where you live. I do have many friends, but most find it very difficult to even have a look at my books!

#10. Getting Paid when someone buys a book

As you can see on my Home Page of this website, you need to be paid after someone buys your book. Think and plan for this important service before your book is live online. I have two main solutions to payment problems and you can get more details by looking under the Get Paid! Page on this website. Even though your writing career must not be driven by getting rich kind of mindset, people will likely buy a copy of your book after publishing it.

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