How can I market a book?

There are so many ways to market your book. You can market the book offline or online. The traditional book marketing concepts were built around great publishing houses. For any book to stand out in the marketplace, it must be published by one of the well known publishing houses. Some publishing companies are well known internationally. Because of this, many people want to publish their books with such companies.

But, the fact is, these companies are in charge of the sales of your books. Traditional book companies focused on the money that your book generates, not on you as the author. They focus on books that can sell well in the marketplace. If your book is not one of the best, chances are that it may not get published or it will not bring back the money you used for the publication work. No doubt that a good book needs hard work before publishing. You can do the hard work yourself!

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Book Marketing Tips

There are many tips to consider. But, are they all working for everyone? I mean, my tips here may not work for you for any other reasons. Yet, I have to share them with you because they work for me. May be they will work for you too! There are many books and articles about book marketing available online. Get one from Smashword.com here.

#1. Your Book, Your Way

As Smashwords confess on their logo, your book is the first thing in the book marketing world. What does this mean? It means, the quality of your book is the best thing you need. Make sure you write a book that people will love reading. I’m still learning to write books that will be read internationally. When we write, we also put the culture in our writings. Our expressions show who we are. You get the point? But, this could not stop you from writing a book. If you market a bad book, the result is that people will reveal what is in it to the public after they bought a copy. This will affect the word of mouth marketing directly.

 #2. Word of Mouth

This is the second main point in this area of the book market. Who is talking about your book? What are the people saying about the book? It is also true that people may still post baseless comments on a book page about the book. But, this could only be found out if someone reads the book to him/herself! Some people love writing bad book reviews for nothing. If your book is good, people will talk good about it. They will suggest the book to their friends.

#3. Publicity

Have you ever shared the link to your book with friends? It can be on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. It can be offline through your business card. You can tell a friend about your book as you take tea or coffee. There are many other ways to share things with other people. It can be either online or offline. This website is my business card. Do you have one? Yet, the book is the best asset you can ever have! No matter how you talk about the book, people will choose to love it or hate it!

 #4. Use Social Media with care!

You can talk about your book in many ways. You can create a blog for it. If you want to learn how to create a blog, just run to http://www.wordpress.com and sign up for free. You can share it with friends by email, social media such as Facebook, Twitter and many others. But, be careful with social media marketing! To read more about this warning, just take your time to go through the guide here.

 #5. Search The Web For More Tips

There are many books written so far about book marketing. Some are for free! Take time to read them and try if you can learn more tips. As said earlier, not everything I said will be of value to everyone on earth. Some things just do not work for everyone! Use what you can use to market your book. But, remember, your book is always the first. If people like it, they will buy it. What the people who need your book do not know how to get it? This is where marketing comes in! You have to make the book public by all means. You may spend money for the book to be discovered. There are many ways to make your book visible to many potential readers.

#6. Different Techniques for Different People

There are many techniques people use to sell their books. Book marketing however is more than selling the book. It involves communication and promotion. You have to tell people about your book or else they will never know it is available for them to read. They need to know how and where to get the book. They also need to know the format of the book being digital or printed book.

Online Resources

I have got some links here for you to read more about book marketing of our day today. You can also search Google about book marketing and you will be surprise to find a lot of information most of it you might already know. You may not need all the information you get from internet because you have to filter it before you decide to use it. Many people are writing on the internet and it is not everything they write is what you really need. Your marketing techniques will depend on the platforms you are using. Each platform has its own way of doing book marketing, including promotions and giveaways.

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