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As an indie author, you need some tips on how to publish your books. In this little book, I have tried to show you how you can publish your books in both print and digital formats. You can also market your books after publication. You can even create your own book production company like mine. It is easier than you had anticipated! Just go through this little guide and stay blessed. You will soon be published and you will love it.

Note: There may be some spelling errors still not fixed in this book! But the purpose of the book is all about helping each other. Kindly help the author by pointing out some possible errors when writing your book review.

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Some Publishing Tips

What makes you to start thinking of publishing your own book when there are many good companies who can handle the work for you? There are many reasons. Companies who can publish books do exist. But, not all books can be published by all companies. Also, what the companies can do, anyone can do too! Here are some of my tips below. They work for me well and I thought they would also work for you too.

#1. Define Your Purpose

As stated above, you must know why you want to publish your book (s) before you can get started. You also need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of indie publishing (self-publishing). I publish my books because I could not afford the traditional publishers. I then discovered the goodness of publishing my own books. I have the full control of the books I publish. I can remove them from the internet at any time! What is your reason of publishing your own books?

#2. Determine Your Platform

 I use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. I use Smashwords and LAP. Lambert Academic Publishing is a great tool, but not as easy to use as the former platforms. To be honest, there are many other platforms out there! Many more are coming up. You might have heard of BookBaby also. First, make a survey and find out what platforms and tools can work well for you. My platforms may not serve your purposes. But, you can give them a try. You can read more about them. Lulu is also another platform. CreateSpace is my best tool for creating print books! Below are the links to these platforms. Lulu and LAP do not work well for me anyway. Give them a try please before you give up!

Digital Book Publishing

You can publish your books in different digital formats for different reading devices such as Kindle, Nook, iPhone, iPad, iPod and others. I recommend the Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords platforms. If you are ready to publish your manuscript now, please take time and read my articles about the independent publishing listed on the home page of this site. There are many different platforms you can use to publish your books.

1. Smashwords – Here you will publish books in multiple formats including .epub, .mobi, .lrf and much more. You will also distribute and sell your own books at Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Diesel, Page Foundry and many other great retail channels all for free! You must read more about publishing on Smashwords before you get started.

Are you ready? Follow the links below.

Smashwords’ Style Guide – Please read this free book before you start publishing your books. It will help you on how to format your manuscript so that the system does not reject it when you upload it. Well, you will also have to design your own book covers. For cover design tips, please check out our free Cover Design Guide.

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2. Kindle Direct Publishing – Here you can publish your books and sell them on Kindle Book Store online. Please read more on how to do this in my Kindle Direct Publishing Guide. KDP allows you to create your book covers online using the Online Cover Creator. You may choose to design your own covers and upload them. Whatever your choice is, you will be published in a matter of 24-48 hours or less from the time you uploaded all the necessary files for your book.

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As you might have noticed, these videos might have been out of date by now. I did not create them, but I think they serve the same purpose since they are also free. They are good videos that you can use. We are working on other new videos that will focus on the current publishing platform for KDP and Smashwords. Self Publishing has never been easier as you can see in one of our guides, but you can do it too!

Print Book Publishing

You can publish your own books in print format. You can publish your book in hardcover or paperback print format. I recommend the most easiest and professional independent publishing companies such as Lulu and CreateSpace. CreateSpace is an Amazon company. When you publish with CreateSpace, you may also publish with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing making your book available to readers in digital format as well. Click the logo below to visit the website for CreateSpace and create your free account. After your account is created, start a new project step-by-step from beginning to completion. Check The Publisher’s Guide above for tips on how to publish your book on CreateSpace.

Create Space

CreateSpace is an Amazon company and its work is to make your books available in print formats. When you publish your book using CreateSpace tools, you will be able to order the printed copies of your books. Anyone on earth can order your book and it will be printed and shipped to that person by CreateSpace depending on the mailing and shipping addresses given. Your books will be available in a paperback cover format or hardcover format depending on what you choose for your book cover during the designing process. Presently, you can design and publish books free of charge and you just pay for ordering.

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Please read more below about Print On Demand publishing before you get started or use my free book, The Publisher’s Guide.