Overcoming Challenges

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Today’s message is more of my personal experience about overcoming challenges of different sizes and shapes. What are challenges? To the current writer, challenges are those things that happen to us to make us feel bad and even cause us to worry.

Challenges are not pleasing to us naturally, yet, they come just like any other difficulty in life. We ask many questions when faced with challenges. Sometimes there seems to be no God, no truth, no justice at all. How can one overcome certain kinds of challenges?

  1. Find out what kind of challenge (s) you are facing. Are they spiritual or physical? How challenging are those challenges?
  2. After knowing the kind of a challenge (s) you are going through, you can now pick a technique and then overcome it. If the problem is spiritual, pray about it first, and then use the knowledge and the wisdom God will grant you. If it is physical, seek advice from trusted friends and also ask God to see you through it all.

Being realistic is the best way to overcome challenges. Be the real you. Face the facts and hide nothing and you will make it through. The truth shall set you free said Jesus.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (Joh 8:32 NIV).