Author’s Guide


Writing is a job for those who love it. There is no doubt that we write for different reasons. I personally write books to share the information I have with you and other people on earth. It is my belief that if I don’t write down what I know, time will come for me to die. What will I gain from dying with my knowledge?

This, indeed, is the driving force behind my writing career. You have your own reasons to write. Some people write books because they can sell them. Some write books because it is their hobby to write even if they have no clear purpose for writing. But, in this guide, I will share my thoughts about writing in this modern world. Writing has a very long history. There have been many different tools invented for writing purposes.

In this small guide, I have discussed about the writing concepts, writing types, history, and finally, the independent publishing in the modern world. Today, you cannot only write books, you can also publish your own online. You manage the sales of your books from different sales channels and you get paid when people buy your books.

How do you write, edit, proofread, design, format, convert and publish your book? How do you sell your book online? All these questions have been answered in this guide or if not, check on the other guides. Read and begin your writing journey with a new mind and a new vision.

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