Leadership In Peace and Reconciliation

The quest for good leadership in most African countries remains on the increase especially as conflicts of different kind looms and posing an untold human suffering, undermining social and economic development, and breaking social fabrics and social co-existence. Conflicts are the most responsible factors in the underdevelopment of both physical and mental infrastructure in many countries in Africa. South Sudan is not exceptional as it has been going through a protracted bloody armed conflict with its Northern neighbor the Republic of Sudan for over two decades leading to over 2.8 million people killed and many others were displaced both internally and externally as refugees in the neighboring countries of Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, Chad, Eretria, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. South Sudan however, signed a Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which provided for a self determination of South Sudan through a referendum and slightly over two years ago, 98% of the population of South Sudan voted for the separation of the South from the North and became an independent Republic of South Sudan. Since its inception the Republic of South Sudan has been faced with adverse severe conflicts ranging from tribal, armed and political.


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