Come out of her my people

Happy Sunday to all of you following us. This weekend has been one of the great weekends for us at DP. We have been running our adverts on Facebook social media for the last 2 days and now the ads have been stopped due to funds issue. But, we have something to share with you. It is a book just released. This book was written by a Scientist who also believes in God. His name is Dr Michael Jarvis.

Many people are agnostics or atheists or have turned to other faiths, because of what they see in the most evident structures and actions of the Christian church down through the centuries. It is essential to face this issue and try to determine how Christianity arrived at this sad position. Click here to read more…

Comeout of her_Ecover_D3

I hope you will find this sample useful and if you love it, please buy the book or share it with others who may love reading it.