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You can publish your books in different digital formats for different reading devices such as Kindle, Kobo, iPhone, iPad, iPod and others. We suggest the Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords platforms.

If you are ready to publish your manuscript now, please take some time to read our articles on independent publishing listed below. There are many different platforms to publish with your books. We recommend Smashwords and Kindle Direct Publishing.

1. Smashwords – Here you will publish books in multiple formats including .epub, .mobi, .lrf and much more. You will also distribute and sell your own books on Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Diesel, Page Foundry and many other great retail channels all for free! You must read more about publishing on Smashwords before you get started.

Are you ready? Follow the links below.

Smashwords’ Style Guide – Please read this free book before you start publishing your books. It will help you on how to format your manuscript so that the system does not reject it when you upload it. Well, you will also have to design your own book covers. For cover design tips, please check out our free Cover Design Guide.

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2. Kindle Direct Publishing – Here you can publish your books and sell them on Kindle Book Store online. Please read more on how to do this on our Kindle Direct Publishing Guide. KDP allows you to create your book covers online using the Online Cover Creator. You may choose to design your own covers and upload them. Whatever your choice is, you will be published in a matter of 12 hours from the time you uploaded all the necessary files for your book.

To get Started with Kindle Direct Publishing right now, just click here…