Atheists: Are these people serious?

Dear valued followers of Discipleship Press. Since my birthday (May 10th 1983), 31 years ago this month, I never seen an atheist. But I have contacted few of them today on Amazon Forums. But, I just cannot really believe they are serious on their beliefs. Are atheists serious about their belief? I just do not know for now. They seem to explain everything away from the truth. They ask the same questions even when you give the answers. They have nothing to do with God’s word the Bible since they claim to know everything in it.

Below are my questions to an atheist and his/her answers. I thought this will be helpful to you if you evaluate and see where you belong. You may be an atheist too! If you are an atheist, would you please kindly provide some of your evidences that clearly speak about God’s nonexistence?

Me: Do you REALLY believe you are just a mixture of chemicals with physical body without the spiritual body?

Atheist: My Response

Me: Do you REALLY believe our universe began from nothing, for no purpose and is heading to nowhere?

Atheist: We do not know what, if anything, happened or existed before the Big Bang.

Me: Do you REALLY believe our universe began from nothing, for no purpose and is heading to nowhere?

Atheist: We do not know what existed before the Big Bang.
Is the Universe “headed” anywhere or just continuing to expand in all directions into a void?

Me: Do you REALLY believe there is nothing called spiritual world around us?

Atheist: Everybody who uses the word spiritual means something different, what does the word even mean?

Me: What do you think about us who believe there is God? Do you hate us, love us? Why or why not?

Atheist: That depends on the nature of their god beliefs. If they use their god beliefs to “justify” hatred of others, or to kidnapping of 276 girls, to codify second class citizenship of people because you don’t like what they do in the bedroom, or to kill doctors who preform legal medical procedures they don’t approve, or kill their children because they believe in faith healing, or that some god would reward them for flying hijacked aircraft into tall buildings in a big city killing thousands of people …

I’ll admit I don’t think much of them.

If they would take their religious beliefs and apply them to their own loves WITHOUT dragging me into them …I would still disagree but to each their own.

Me: “Only if you made up your mind in believing God exist as Christians think, yes. But you made up your mind not to believe without physical evidences of God’s existence. By seeing God sitting right in front of you may be the best evidence he exists. But I wonder what you will do to him if you can see him right there right now :).”

Atheist: I never “made up my mind” that God doesn’t exist. I decided that God doesn’t exist after pursuing the evidence and arguments for his existence to a rational conclusion.

Me: “But this will not be by faith because seeing is not actually believing as some think it is. Pharaoh in the Bible had seen great things God did, but those events never made him believe in God. Satan too could not believe in God even though he seems to know him more than any of us. So, seeing God cannot make me believe if choose not to believe.

Atheist: You could only come to that conclusion if you read that tale dishonestly. Pharaoh didn’t recognize God’s power because God cheated and hardened Pharaoh’s heart. Furthermore, there is no evidence that The Exodus tale is nothing more than myth.

Atheist: According to the Bible, Satan didn’t have to “believe in” God because he was communicating directly with Him.

Me: “You know from the back of your mind [God] exists…”

Atheist: Unless you possess powers of clairvoyance, which I think I can safely say you don’t, kindly refrain from claiming that you know what atheists think.

Me: “I have no proofs apart from what you have just explained away with your ‘critical thinking’.”

Atheist: And that is my point exactly!

Me: Do you own a Bible? Do you read it? What do you think about it?

Atheist: I own several versions of the Bible. I have read them all and continue to refer to them frequently. I see no reason to believe that they are anything more than books of mythology, reflecting the fears, superstitions, ignorance and prejudices of the times in which they were written. The authors of the Bible were, without a doubt, sincere in their beliefs, but they were also sincerely mistaken.

What can you say to such a person in need? This is your challenge this weekend. Who do you agree with? Why and why not? Leave your comments below this post for people to reply and share their positions with you and the world.