Evidences for Micro and Macro Evolution

Dr Michael Jarvis a Scientist who also believes in God published a great article today with Discipleship Press. Please check out the article and tell us what you think about it. The article is, Evidences for Micro and Macro Evolution. Is it true that our world evolved? From what? What are the evidences? I personally believe God created the world out of nothing for his own great purpose. But, could God ever used a process called evolution to reach his great goals of creation? What is micro evolution? What is macro evolution? Is there a third evolution process called Mega-Evolution?

Is there an evidence of evolution within the known species today?

As we dug our little well near the swamp area in Apach Village, Baliet County Upper Nile State, we noticed something strange. It was a frog turning into a real mud-fish! Could this be a clue to the reality of mega evolution? Please kindly read more in this great article for free and post your comments below this post.

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