Who Is A Woman?: A Biblical View


A comprehensive answer to this question cannot come from a mere human being who does not know when and how the first human being started to exist. Instead, it must come from a person who has the knowledge of where mankind came from.  So in order to understand who a woman is and her place in human society, this question must be answered honestly without prejudice.

I believe an honest answer to such a multi-million dollar question can in turn result in fair treatment of women in human society. The fact cannot be denied, I am certain an honest answer is lying somewhere. Not with human being or his efforts in research as Charles Darwin did.

Charles in his endeavor to answer the question ‘where did man come from’ misled millions of people with wrong information that mankind originated from a cell through the process of transmutation or evolution. This is why I said, an honest answer for this question can never   come without going to the roots of humanity, tracing  where did a woman come from and  how did she come to exist?

To be straight forward in this matter, the fact of who the woman is lies with   the creator God. He alone set up the human frame in the beginning of the creation. So He set up the frame or shape of the woman.  What we need is only to accept and believe the truth that, all creatures had their origin in him (God) in the beginning. This includes both man and woman. But it is truer to say that man and woman   cannot know where they came from unless someone tells them.

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