Repairing Boot Errors

This post is all about how to repair boot errors. Boot time errors are caused by many other things, but viruses are mostly the cause. Have you ever had the same problem? Have you ever seen someone having the boot time error issues? You may have the problem right now. Whether you repair computers or it just happened to your computer, we are here to assist you.

Situation: – If you have shutdown your computer and when you wanted to start it as normal, you just saw something like; Windows Failed to start normally “Start up is repairing” message with dark screen. Just relax now, we have got the solution for you for free. Simply cancel that startup repair process by clicking the “Cancel” button and then click on the “Show advanced” repair options link. Click the command prompt in the repair options and then type in this code/command (See below).

  1. Click the command prompt link normally the last from the repair tools (Down)
  2. Type “bootrec /fixboot” with no quotes. Make sure the two-word code is typed exactly as you can see it.
  3. Press the enter key to execute the command.
  4. Restart the computer and see the Windows coming back to normal.

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