This page is devoted to teaching you how to setup your own e-library online, where you can read free and purchased books. How do you purchase and add books to your online library? What platform can you choose to create your online library? How does the online library work? These and many other questions exist in the minds of many people. In South Sudan in particular, many people do not even know these technological things such as an online library. There are simple steps to take when creating your online library. Here are the steps below for different platforms that offer online library solutions.

1. Platform website – First, you have to get access to the retail site. There are many retail sites that sell e-books such as Amazon, Kobo, Diesel and more. For Smashwords, go to and to Amazon, go to and then move to step 2 below.

2. Join or register – This means you create an account to join. After creating your account, you will have to confirm and activate your account mostly by clicking a link sent to your e-mail inbox by that company.

3. Log in – After completing the SignUp process and activate your account, you will have to log in to your new account just as you do with your Facebook account, Google account or Yahoo! Account.

4. Library – Depending on your platform, you will see your library tab. Click on it and you will find nothing in it because you never added any book to it yet – Smashwords. With Amazon you will have to manage your Kindle, and with Smashwords, you only need to add new books to the library.

5. Adding new books – With Smashwords, just search for your favorite title, author or publisher. On the main page of that book you will see buttons such as “Add to library“, “Buy“, “View” and so on. When you add a book to your library, it will soon take you to the library page. With Kindle you will have to download the book to your device. You can also save your book to Cloud Reader online – Your Kindle online Library.

Smashwords library

Login Page – normally appears on the top-right corner of your web page when you just visit the Smashwords website. Here you can log in with your username/email address and password. Please see step 3 above.

Library link – here you will see the library link after you have successfully logged into your Smashwords account as mentioned above. Please see step 4 above.

Adding books – Search for books by entering the book title if you know it, or enter the author name such as John Maluth into the search box and hit the search button on the top-right corner of the webpage. Click on the book title to open its main page to see other buttons that you can use.

Now use the “Add to your library” button to add a book. You will soon see other books you have added earlier to your library as shown below. You can remove a book from your library in case you do not need it. You can also add books that are not free in your library, but you cannot read all pages in those books. The number of sample pages depends on the publisher of the book. We at DP we allow you to read %10 or %20 of any book we published.