Publishing Experience

We are glad to announce that our new book (From our favorite author John Maluth) is live on Amazon Kindle Store. You can read the abstract for free today or purchase a copy if you can. The book is simply the story on how we got started with self-publishing journey. Are you a self-publisher? What platform (s) are you using? This title will not only tell you the story, but you will get advised on common mistakes and challenges in self-publishing. We will tell you more about the disadvantages and advantages of self-publishing in this book. This book will help you refocus your writing career if you are a writer. But the book is not only for authors, it is for all people doing any kind of job. Do you love what you are now doing or you do it under pressure? Are you driven by external forces to do what you do? How can you realize your talents and gifts? These and many more questions will be answered by this book. Enjoy reading. You can read the same book on Smashwords and other retail sites.

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