New Book Published!

On July 9th 2013, we published a new title. The new title is, “Ten Successful Ways to Keep Windows Secure” by John Monyjok Maluth the founder of Discipleship Press. The book description is as follows:

Short description

This book is about how to securely find and fix common computer errors without the help of ICT personnel. Following the steps given in this little book will surely help you solve many common computer problems.

It is my daily work to fix computer issues. This book gives you all the steps I take to fix computer errors. You can use the book to fix your computer errors or use it as your tool to help others with the same problems. You may get some little money as the result of using this book correctly because people with problems will pay you after you helped them out of their situations. 51 copies downloaded already just for free! Get yours now.

To get this free book click here:

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The Discipleship Press Team